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We are a "Corporate Health Consultants Company" we expertise in providing solutions to Improve Productivity & Performance at work place through Exercise & Nutrition: Our founder has beencovered by The Economics Times as the "Subject Matter Expert" in the field of Fitness, Health & Wellness industry &gave his crucial inputs about the growth perspectives ofIndian Fitness Industry market. THE HEALTH EXPERTS has come a long way since 2005. Started with one or two clients as consultants in launching their gym projects and making them successful in a short span of time; earned good reputation for the company and gradually started consulting corporates about how they can benefit their employees and simultaneously improve productivity with the help of right exercise & nutrition.This was the time THE HEALTH EXPERTS took the pathway of corporate health consultants; now the company has clients PAN INDIA and is planning to cater to International Clients in the coming year. We expertize in planning, evaluating and custom designing strategic corporate productivity solutions for our clients through exercise & nutrition | life style improvement seminars & conferences | Outdoor events & boot camps.



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