Why you should pay attention

Have you considered learning How to invest in stocks? Only to be deterred by the universal opinion that one should fear the market and that it was a place where fortunes were squandered, not made. Have you ever heard that to make money in the Stock market you need ‘inside’ information? Have not People told you that investing in Stock markets is synonymous to ‘Gambling’? Do you not know at least one of your relatives/friends/family who has lost a huge sum in the stock market? Why then should you pay attention to us?

This is why:

• DO you know the Indian Economy has grown by a CAGR (compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 17% in the last 30 years? Since SENSEX went from 100 (1980) to Approx. 26000 (as on 26 Nov. 2015) in 2015. And did you know that all you had to do to make you money multiply 260 times over the same period was to invest in the companies that make up SENSEX? That’s it? YES.

• CAGR of 17% means that your money will be double every 4.2 years. Meaning, that a sum of 1 Lakh invested one-time will become 1.28 Cr in 30 years. That is 128 times your initial investment. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

• People say it is impossible to make money in the stock market, we say it is impossible to LOSE money in the stock market. But Of course we understand your concern: The question of RISK of Investing in stocks is always valid.

• NOTE: You will learn extensively in the FLAP and FLIP How Index investing works and how you can use it. Moreover, the underlying principles and questions are also addressed in the both the seminars.

The Mentor | Financial Analyst & Expert

• Mr. Varun Malhotra is a Mechanical Engineer from Pune University. He completed his MBA (Finance) from Washington University St. Louis (USA) and IIM- Ahmedabad and has also completed all 3 levels of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMT (Chartered Market Technician).

• His Interests in stock markets began when he started reading ‘Letters to shareholders’ by Warren Buffett. He is a passionate speaker and believes firmly in the idea that the stock market if used correctly could create huge wealth for anybody. In fact the primary reason that Mr. Malhotra began training retail investors is because he realized that investing in our Economy could have a huge impact on the growth of the nation. Consider this: In India, we currently have 1 Trillion worth of Gold reserves, which, sadly is an Unproductive asset. If we could only transfer half that amount into building Infrastructure, we could create millions of jobs and empower the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. What’s more is that sadly only 2-3% of the entire Indian population invests in stocks, leaving companies with no choice but to raise money from the banks, leading to less cash available in the banks, leading to higher interest rates and thus, making it more difficult to start new ventures and encourage young entrepreneurs.

• He has trained more than 30,000 retail investors (FLAP and FLIP) and has delivered lectures on Financial planning and How to Invest in Stock markets at IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd), Bank of America, Amity University, SRCC, CSOI (Civil servant officer’s institute), BSF (Border security Force) and many more.

Our Vision

We are driven by the necessity that India needs a new Investing culture. By training more than 30,000 retail investors we are already on the path to spread Mass Financial Literacy. We wish to spread basic Financial Literacy to as many people in the country as possible and we hope to reach 100,000 people by 2018.

We offer the FLAP program for FREE because we sincerely believe that the basic knowledge required to Invest in stocks should be free of cost.?